Ability to plan your next post

The core feature of Snug! Our goal since the beginning has always been to allow you to plan what post to send to your Instagram account next. Whether you follow a theme, layout or specific filter choice, you can make sure your entire Feed is coherent and Instagram-worthy.

Rearrange and delete planned posts

Plan your feed, move posts around and delete them if they don't fit the theme for your account. Hold a planned image and drag it around to move it throughout Snug. Bear in mind that planned images cannot be moved in between images already posted on Instagram.

Multi-Account Support

Thanks to Instagram's implementation of multi-account support last year, we're now able to offer support for planning & management of multiple accounts on Snug! Simply Choose 'switch account' at the bottom of the screen and click 'add account'. Log in, and it will be added to Snug.

Delete existing posts

Sometimes your Instagram feed will look better without an image you've already posted. To test how it will look beforehand without actually deleting the post on Instagram, just select the image in Snug and hit the bin. Pull down the screen to refresh and return the image to the app.

Crop posts

Snug has super quick and easy cropping tools within the app to help you crop your images to a number of ratios. Instagram recently introduces portrait and landscape images one the platform, so you can now crop your images to either of these orientations before you post it.

Export direct to Instagram

Once you've cropped and decided on your planned feed, we have a quick export button to allow you to send the post directly to Instagram, without any worrying about saving externally and trying to find it in the Instagram app. Just click the image you want to export and hit the bottom right button.

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