Why do I need a Snug account?

Snug is proud to support both personal and business Instagram accounts through the official Facebook Graph API and the Instagram Basic Display API.

Closure of the Instagram Legacy API Platform

Previously, we used to use Instagram’s now end-of-life API which shut down on 31st March (although the date was delayed, we took the initiative to move off it in preparation for the original date). The IG API allowed access to all Instagram accounts however with the closure of their API, we migrated Snug to the Instagram Basic Display API.

The Instagram Basic Display API implements tighter security and permissions in comparison to its predecessor and therefore we are no longer allowed to use the API as a means of authenticating and logging a user into the application.

  • Make sure your app provides a login option that does not use Basic Display API, such as your own in-house login flow or Facebook Login. If implementing Facebook Login, refer to this sample App Review submission for guidance.
  • Show the user a button to connect their Instagram account only after the user has logged into your app.
  • Ensure your app clearly shows that the authorization process has been completed, such as displaying the Instagram account’s username or media within your app.

Source: Final Reminder: Instagram Legacy API Platform will be disabled on March 31, 2020 – Facebook

In order to get approval via Facebook’s App Review for the required permissions, we developed the Snug account in-house login flow.

Create a Perfect Instagram Feed

Visually plan your scheduled Instagram posts, crop them to the right size and then drop and drag them to create the perfect Instagram feed.