How do I add a personal Instagram account?

Snug uses the Instagram Basic Display API from Facebook and therefore before adding a personal account you must have a Snug account.

Steps to add a personal Instagram account

  • Go to ‘Manage Accounts’ at the bottom of the home screen
  • Click ‘+ Add Account’
  • On the prompt that appears, hit ‘Login to Snug’
    • Either login or register a Snug account;
    • If it is your first Instagram account on Snug, you will need to create a Snug account
    • If it is not your first Instagram account on Snug, you will be able to complete setup of an existing account
  • Once you have created your account you will be redirected back to Snug and the button will change to say ‘Login with Instagram’
  • Click ‘Login with Instagram’
  • Once redirected to Instagram, enter your username / password and allow Snug access
  • You will be redirected back to Snug with your profile loaded

Why can I not log in directly to Instagram?

Your app uses Instagram Basic Display API for authenticating users: This API is not an authentication tool and should not be used to authenticate or log users into apps. Apps should provide login options that do not use Basic Display API, such as in-house login flows or Facebook Login.

Due to this limitation, w have created the ability to login and register your own Snug account. Once you’ve created a Snug account, you will see the option to ‘Login with Instagram’ which will take you to Instagram so that you can login with your personal account as usual.

I do not see the option to log in with a personal Instagram account

Please verify that your app is running v3.3 and you see the following:

  • ‘Connect your Instagram’ button on the home screen
  • ‘Manage Accounts’ link at the bottom of the home screen

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